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Practical Life

Our mission is to make you visualize and understand all aspects of happiness in life and help you to achieve your SMART goals in them to reach the Practical Happiness. No more theoretical talk, let’s walk the talk together and make you progressively happy.

Join the Practical Happiness community where you can see how you are performing overall, each category and each goal. The more you achieve, the more points you will get and the higher you will be in the ranking where you will inspire others.

Who knows, maybe you become a reference and help others achieving their goals!

The 7 categories of Practical Happiness are:

1- Health
2- Security
3- Learn
4- Work
5- Money
6- Others
7- Self

Don't worry, we will explain the simple yet valuable theory of Practical Happiness and each category in it. We will also provide you with examples of the goals in each one of the categories and help you tracking them.

You will also be able to write your mood in any moment in time during the day and then be able to go back to your mood timeline where you see how your mood is changing through time.

We made the application and the website in 6 different languages (English, Arabic, French, Spanish, Indian & Chinese), so you can learn and use the application in your own language.

Our goal is to make everybody practically happy and develop all the skills that will help to reach a successful progressive life.

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